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Citizen science

We need your help to find mosquitoes across Scotland!

If you're in Scotland and you find a mosquito - any mosquito! - please let us know! If you're able to, report a mosquito to us by taking a photo of it and filling out our online reporting form.

This will help us to fill in gaps in our surveillance so we can get a broader picture of Scottish mosquito species and how they're distributed. Your help is contributing to crucial knowledge about mosquito-borne disease risk and climate change in Scotland!

Not sure what you're looking for? Read our guidance on recognising mosquitoes here.

A map of Scotland with points showing where mosquitoes have been found

Here are the locations where we have found mosquitoes in Scotland so far. You can help us fill in the gaps by telling us about any mosquitoes you've found.

Fill in our mosquito reporting form and let's put your local mosquitoes on the map!


Other ways you can get involved

  • Please tell your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues about the project and encourage them to look out for and report mosquitoes. You can also share this website and our Twitter. The more citizen scientists, the better! 

  • If you would like to display a Mosquito Scotland poster in your place of work or local community, please contact us. We also have links to the posters below that you can print out.

  • Reach out if you have any suggestions regarding community engagement. We would be very happy to give a talk or run a mosquito identification workshop. 

  • We are looking for citizen scientists of all ages! If you are a parent or teacher who would be interested in a mosquito educational session at your school, let us know! 

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